Sunday, March 10, 2019

Cars at Omaka (2)

I like the styling of the XJ40 series of XJ6.
Unfortunately they were produced in an era when Jaguar was struggling with build quality.
This is a 1989 Daimler with the all alloy AJ6 4.0 litre six.

This 2008 Jaguar has the 4.2 litre V8.

Toyota Coronas were a popular model.
Nearest the camera is a 1983 1770cc version, with a 1988 1995cc Amon model, behind.
The Amon was a standard model with suspension tuned to local conditions by NZ racing driver, Chris Amon.

The 1951 Citroen Light 15 was ahead of its time.
The BX16 TRS Auto was also quite a remarkable car.
I have driven a BX, and although I was impressed with the ride and comfort, I felt the engine wasn't up to the smoothness and quietness of contemporary Japanese offerings.

1984 Toyota Cressida, a popular model in NZ
1983 Holden Camira, not so much !

Mercedes Benz's big coupes were well proportioned and sold reasonably well world-wide,
although I feel they were a little impractical.

The big Rovers in 3.0 litre form were smooth, if not so fast saloons,
but the P5B with the 3.5 litre Buick sourced V8 was a speedy limousine.
This is a 1973 version.

The Jaguar Mk VII was and still is, a large, high speed saloon.

Predecessor to the MkVII was the Mk V.
This is a superbly restored 1951 model.

The Vauxhall Victor in 1600 and 2.0 litre form, competed favourably with Ford's Cortina, but the addition of a 3.3 litre six made the Victor a force to be reckoned with. A very popular model in New Zealand around 1969, when this example was assembled..

Vauxhall's big sedan, was the Cresta.
A fairly plain sedan with bench front seat and 3 speed column change and utilizing the same engine as the above Victor.

Like a stretched Austin Cambridge, the Austin Westminster was only bigger, forward of the windscreen, to accommodate the 2.6 litre, 6 cylinder BMC C series engine.

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