Sunday, August 19, 2018

Rob Walker Collection 3...(and even More Trucks).

A Ford badged Hino of Bruce Buchanan Ltd.
This company closed the doors a couple of years ago.

Mitsubishi of David Spencer Contractors from Whanganui.

Isuzu and...
...Hino of Jarrett Sandes from Palmerston North.

Before and after shots ....

....of a Hino that appears to have undergone a change of company name.

Fancy paint and a big bull-bar for a little Isuzu.

Charlie Bannister's Mercedes Benz was imported from the UK as a a used vehicle.

Members of the Booth family still run the farm at Middle-Run near Carterton.
The K model Dodges were quite popular in the 60s and 70s.
All NZ models had either V6 or V8 engines.
Later 510 and 540 Perkins V8 were better than the earlier V6 and V8 Chryslers (by Cummins).

Mitsubishi has the same basic livery, but the sign-writing has become a bit more flamboyant.

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