Saturday, August 18, 2018

Rob Walker Collection 1...(David Pope Trucks)

Rob Walker Ltd Spray painters and Smash Repairers has operated in Masterton for many years. Recently I was allowed access to Rob's collection of photos of the many vehicles he has repaired or resurrected over the years. These are all his early photos recorded on film, so my apologies for any blurriness as I have had to scan these from prints.

Fords in New Zealand, at this stage, were re-badged Hinos.

Bruce Greig adds some sign-writing the old fashioned way. Bruce now resides in New York and has done some fabulous building murals. Check him out at:-

Big 8 wheeler Isuzu and smaller 4 wheeler.

Scanias were all the same colour obviously.
Colour difference is in the prints.


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