Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wellington Truck Show 2016 (3)

The Wellington Rural Fire Authority has this 8 wheeler Scania for bringing water to fires where it is difficult to access.
Noel Cooper from Otaki, displayed this tall tipper.
Must be one of the smartest W900s around.
I know it was a truck show, but this 2010 Ferrari attracted plenty of attention.
This Cat has a sun visor so sturdy, it can support a car.
Chevy SSR convertible is cool.
Very original '56 Chev shows as a Bel-Air on rego label, but is actually a Two-Ten sport sedan.
Driver training tanker was propped up to demonstrate its retractable learner wheels.
On the way home I decided to ride through Whitemans Valley and spotted this ex army Bedford RL rotting away in a field.
Once back in the Wairarapa I diverted through Martinborough.
From the look-out on Bidwell's Cutting, this irrigated dairy farm is in stark contrast to the rest of the area, which is dry brown.

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