Sunday, December 13, 2015

Stimulating Drives.

A couple of interesting vehicles I drove this week.
I had Tuesday afternoon off in lieu of pay for some time owed to me. Went to Petone and had to have a look at the Zero electric motorcycle which is on Trade Me. Although I made it clear I wasn't buying, the owner asked if I would like a ride.
I somehow couldn't manage to say no. The owner's helmet wouldn't fit my big head, so had to resort to a jet ski helmet. I know one shouldn't ride without protective gear, but I didn't have mine and it was just a quick trip round the block. It really was fun to ride, with ample performance and nice handling. Weight is around 130kg and centred low down. It would be an ideal commuter bike as long as you didn't need to exceed its 130km approximate range. This of course would vary on the speed used and the amount of hill climbing required. I would love to have it to run to work, but at just under  $10,000, that's more than I paid for my car. The owner doesn't really want to sell it, but the finance will help with more stock for his business, which  sells electrically assisted bicycles.
Later in the week I got to drive this Fraser, with its 1600cc Toyota power plant. The owners wife ( whom I work with) needed it transported from one side of town to the other and she doesn't like driving it in stop start traffic with its racing clutch, which is heavy and very sudden. Also the seat is not adjustable and one needs long legs to get the clutch pedal right to the floor.
It was fun with its sparkling performance and direct steering. The exhaust exiting out the side also gives a lot of very audible "crackles" and "pops" especially when blipping the throttle for down changes.
I'll have one of each thanks, when the Lotto gods smile on me.
And just to give you an idea of our small it is....that's a Suzuki Swift on the right.

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