Thursday, October 2, 2014


A few recent pics of various subjects.
The Fielder now has a set of mag wheels which I picked up, in Levin, through Trade Me.
They were complete with tyres, at a very reasonable price. The profile is very slightly lower than the originals, but hardly enough to make any noticeable difference.
2012 Freightliner Century unloads its precious cargo at the BP service station on Chapel Street in Masterton.
This very tidy little Thames pick-up was at Paul Gleeson's shed that I visited a couple of weeks ago
 (see my blogs of  20/21 September)
A few photos from Max.
This Mack and trailer appears to be carting the remnants of a demolished building.
Mack Vision in Allied Concrete colours with tipper body.
New pole being installed near Max's house.
Haven't seen this method of holding the wires out of the way before.
Hino and two Isuzus.
Old anteater Kenworth of  Fraser Heavy Haulage.
Maskill Kenworth with a very varied load.
MAN fuel tanker. If its high octane fuel, I guess that would make it a Superman.
One of my favourite Americans, the Mack Superliner.
Back at the Gleeson shed.
 A CA Bedford hiding in the collection of everything imaginable.

Oldfields Asphalts in Masterton has been part of the Higgins group for a while, but have only recently begun painting their trucks in the familiar dark green.
I wonder if they will bother painting this Volvo which dates from 1995. It must be getting close to retiring age.

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