Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Northern Hemisphere Trucks (Photo sources unknown)

Scania P93m 8 wheeler of Biffa Waste's recycling division.
In NZ we are used to seeing this cab as a Dodge or Commer, but here is a refuse truck displaying the Karrier label

Volvo F12 and tri-axle trailer from the Portugese operator, Leituga & Filhos.
Leyland 20.32 with no identification, apart from a large eagle on the front panel.
Ainscough's  heavy crane division has some big cranes. This one is called "the Boss" for obvious reasons.
A brand new gritter and snow plough on a Mercedes  1820.
Distinctive livery of UK Petroleum on this Leyland 24.21.
E14 ERF pulling for DFDS Transport.
Late 50s to late 60s Atkinson.
Robert Purvis from Scotland uses a Scania R113M 360 to move loads for his plant hire business.

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