Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Trucks from All Over

A friend in Australia sent me this snap of an R model Scania. Obviously the standard Scania sleeper wasn't going to be big enough, so this trucker chose a day cab and added his own "bedroom".

My Australian friend also sent me this one of Waltzing Matilda, the jet powered Ford Louis.
I wonder where it is today?

Now back to my own photos. I don't know what powered this Coles crane, but the cab has definitely got a British look.

One of the first models of Nissan to come to NZ. This tidy tractor was spotted in Palmerston North.
Transport Wairarapa operated a couple of tandem drive rigids with this cab, but unusually, they had an extra dual wheeled air suspended axle in front of the tandem pair.

Brand new F10 8-wheeler on display at the Pascal Street stadium in Palmerston North. 

Australian model International ACCO seen as a fire Appliance for the Masterton Brigade.
Parked outside the Masterton Courthouse. Maybe things can get a bit hot in there.

Matte Franicevich's Peterbilt was New Zealand's first example of this make.
This photo posed for me in its hometown of Dargaville.

Interior shot of an early R series Mack. Thisone belonging to Transport Wairarapa at that time.

Produce Freighters' International SF2670 of 1980 vintage towing a flat deck A-train.

Volvo N10 of Dominion Breweries with A-train of beer tankers parked at their Mangatainoka Brewery.

Nissan in Mobil colours topping up the underground tanks at Vic's Garage in Masterton.

An early Pacific, probably an ex-logger, still working hard on the Auckland southern motorway.

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