Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kiwi trucks from the Archives

The Michelin man at a truck show in the Wellington Winter Show building. The gentleman on the left was the Michelin rep whom I believe's name was Bob Bell.

"Big Jim" was an 8V71 powered International Transtar II operated by Cronin's.

Later, the same truck was operated by Fearon Logging in Masterton.
Personally I preferred the original livery and without that ugly bullbar.

This Saviem must be fairly rare in NZ. Right hand drive though and I think it was 4WD as well.

This R series Mack of Child Freighters (no they didn't carry children) was, I believe, originally a tractor unit that was lengthened for the purpose shown here.


Nissan T500 crane from 1982 of McIntosh Brothers of Palmerston North.

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