Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Over Easter 2006, Masterton hosted a gathering of Studebakers. Unfortunately I had a fault in my camera at the time and many of the photos were under exposed. Here are some of those that did expose correctly.
A 1961 Hawk with 289 ci V8.

1962 Hawk GT.

You can't paint a car gloss black unless the panels are dead straight. The photos don't do justice to this 1938 President.The doors were as good a mirror as the wheel covers, and the interior had been restored to a similar standard.

This is a 1931 President Model 90. I would have liked to have taken the photo with the bonnet down, but couldn't find the owner and I didn't want to be caught touching it!

A line up of Studebaker commercials. The one nearest the camera is a 1964 Champ.

Another commercial, this time a 1938 Coupe Express.

1964 Avanti.

1961 Lark convertible.

This 1965 Daytona with sliding load area roof was the ultimate surf wagon. Seen here decorated with surf-boards and beach towels, as well as the stars and stripes.

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