Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Couple More Trucks.

When I received my last new truck at Premiere Bacon, the company also bought this Hino 700 and trailer adorning it with similar signage to the smaller trucks. Here it has just been positioned for a promotional photo shoot with driver, Amos, acting a bit shy. I never drove this truck on the road, but did have to move it in our yard on the odd ocassion.
This unit was sold at the same time as the other trucks when the company chose to use a separate trucking company. The trailer still carries this sign-writing.  I don't know who is operating it, but my wife recently saw it parked at the inter-island ferry terminal at Picton in the South Island. The Hino is now employed by Palmerston Transport Services Ltd, usually pulling low-loaders to transport tractors, forklifts and other agricultural or industrial equipment.
Since September 2010 I have been driving  trucks servicing wheely-bins two days a week. This is the Hino I drive on one of those two days. On the other day I drive a smaller Hino, which I haven't managed to capture a photo of yet.
This to me is a surprisingly enjoyable job, and with having to get in and out of the truck a hundred odd times a day as well as handling (sometimes) heavy bins, it keeps me fit.

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