Thursday, June 16, 2011


In January 2009, the Citroen Owners Club held a national event in Masterton. Here are some photos from that event.Although I have always thought of Citroens as a bit odd, you cannot deny their technical innovation or their styling that is often years ahead of it's time.
Although they had the narrow upright front grille and separate flowing guards similar to many other cars of this era, the Citroen was considerably lower. This is a 1954 B15.

I always think cars of this time look good painted in two contrasting colours as on this 1954 Big 15 on the left, but there is no denying the 1955 Lite 15, on the right, is still a handsome machine in all black.

Three DS21s in different colours. No other car of it's day had a nose like this.

A 1954 C6 in red and black looks magnificent in the hot January sun.

A superb example of a D Special. In this case a 1974 model.

Just to show how straight those panels are, here is the '54 C6 reflected in the side of the '74 D Special.

If ever a car could be described as simple but effective, it would have to be the 2CV. A 1985 on the left and a 1982.
This is the first time I had actually seen a late model C6 close up. Many styling features are reminiscent of the CX; a superb looking car. This is a 2007 model with the 2.7 litre diesel.

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