Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tui Brewery, American Car Day 2019...(1).

The last Sunday in each month is a vehicle day at Tui Brewery, Mangatainoka. 26th April was American Car Day.
This one was actually outside the event.
I can't actually recall having seen many of these in two door form.
It's a Plymouth and was New Zealand new in January 1935.

Another Plymouth. This time a Fury from 1966, which came to New Zealand in 2008.

Corvette has fancy little Chevy bow-ties in the exhaust outlets.

Brightly painted Chevy pick-up has seen a few mods.

350 cubes 0f 1972 Pontiac Firebird.

''66 Mustang hass 289 V8 power.

Very original '65 Mustang has original wheel trims and 170cid 6 cylinder.
1948 Ford Coupe in what appears to be a period colour.

'68 Mustang 289.

Ford mixing with GM.
'71 Falcon is a 351.
'68 Camaro is a 454.

1961 Mercury Meteor and...

...a '63 Mercury Marauder.

1972 Lincoln Continental is BIG...

...whichever way you look at it.

A couple of traditional hotrods.

'66 Ford Galaxie convertible was one of my favourites.

'66 Lincoln is another big car...

...with a spacious interior.

Challenger, Camaro, Challenger.
I always think the styling of this GM and this MOPAR are very similar.

327 powered '64 Chevy Impala has the right look.

Three late model Camaros.

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