Monday, December 17, 2018

38th Annual Sunbeam Car Club Lake Ferry Run (at Lake Ferry)

Not having complete confidence in my action photos, I continued on to Lake Ferry to get some still shots.
LIP basking in the summer sun.

Red with whitewalls looks right against the greenery.

Twin Super Minxes.

Lovely Rapier. I'll always have soft spot for these.
My first car was a Rapier, but not a convertible.

This Minx has been a Wairarapa car for all of its life.

My bike shares the pleasant day with the classic cars.

The two Peugeots.

Austin Healey.

Three TRs, one needing repairs.

Not many left now and they are worth heaps.

The dominant front of the Corniche.

My dad had a Mk 2 Zephyr for many years, but it didn't seem as nice as this one.

Lovely Valiant Safari. I didn't see this on the road.
1973 VH with 245 Hemi.

Chevy front is as impressive as the Rolls Royce.
Probably more so to some people.

Little Austin by the lake.

Big Austin by the pub.

I remember these early Triumph 2000s being quite a car in 1967, when this one was built.
Although the six was a little smaller in capacity than its rivals, the 4 speed box made all the difference.

I forgot to take a note of the breed of this one, but obviously one of the many Lotus 7 copies.

Mustang squints at the camera while....

....the Auto Union flutters its eye lashes.

The Corvette was another one I didn't see on the run.
The 2016 C7 has a Italian look.

I like Mustangs of the late 60s/early 70s era.
This is a '69.

But not so much these early ones, but it is nice to see one in its original condition, with the correct wheels and trims.

The big Ford opens up to disgorge its picnic basket.

The Firenza is such a nice version of the HC Viva.

Once common on our roads.
The owner of this A55 has had many Austins over the years.

A & C.

There's no getting away from the fact that the Caddy is big.

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