Saturday, November 3, 2018

Vintage Car Rally.

Members of a vintage car club drove over many sealed and dirt roads to meet in Wairarapa at Labour Weekend. I took these photos at BK's Chardonnay Motel in Masterton.
1946 Armstrong Siddeley Typhoon.

Auburn 851 from 1935.

1961 Humber Super Snipe.

1939 De Soto sedan still showing a coating of dust from the unsealed roads it has traversed during the day .

My two favourites in the long line of Holden models.
The EH from 1964...
...and the HR from 1967.

1978 Triumph 2500.
I've always liked these and they are a nice car to drive.
Surprisingly they are an inexpensive classic.

The Rover 3500 made many friends.
The 3.5 litre Buick sourced V8 made up for the power that was lacking in the 2000cc four cylinder models.
This automatic is a 1975 model.

The 1948 Packard Clipper De Luxe has an imposing front.

1939 Ford De Luxe sedan has a similar grille to the '40 standard model.

AP6 Chrysler Valiant from '66 is a good performer for its time.
This one has larger, than standard, wheels and tyres.

Ford's Anglia, from 1965, is a great little car with its 997cc power plant.
Its fine handling meant that many were fitted with larger Ford 4 cylinder engines.

The unmistakable flowing lines of a Mk VII Jaguar.
This basic shape carried on through the Mk VIII and Mk IX models. 

A handsome 1937 Dodge D5 sedan.

1971 XY Ford Falcon is not the newest car here, but in my opinion, has the most modern styling.

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