Saturday, June 30, 2018

Tui Jap Cars (3).

A couple of Toyotas which were once common small family cars on our roads.

Smart Honda Torneo.

Mazda RX8 arriving at the event.

Mazda MX5 all stripped out for racing.

A couple of red ones from a similar era, but from different manufacturers.
A '92 Toyota Supra and an '88 Mitsubishi Starion.

I see red...

There were a few non-japs in attendance. like this '72 E49 Valiant Charger and...

...this '73 Valiant Pacer.

From a similar era, but from the other side of the globe a 1972 MGB GT.

A couple of Holdens: '88 VL Commodore wagon and...
...a 2007 Commodore arriving.

2007 Nissan Skyline Coupe was a spectator's car.


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