Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Professional Big Rigs 2018 (2)

2015 DAF CF85 returns to the nest after completing its stint.

9 year old Argosy is well looked after.

Fuso tipper is only a couple of months old.

Max, who has sometimes contributed to this blog, gets a video of a Freightliner Argosy.

Maskill's bright livery looks good even on a 10 year old K108.

Streets of rigs.

Most rigs were presented in sparkling condition.

Kenworth T904 of Burling's of Masterton attracted much attention despite is 11 years on the road..

Hard working 2011 Kenworth T408 came with logs on the back.

There were other things besides trucks to look at.
Bright colours always go well on small cars.

Cat and Kenny head off with their passengers.

2012 Hino.

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