Thursday, August 10, 2017

From the Overbridge.

Some recent shots from the pedestrian overbridge near the Gray's Road State Highway 1 intersection at Plimmerton.
A "bob-tailing" International S-Line turns from Gray's Rd, to head south.

Big Chill Volvo keeps the hammer down, going north through the green light.

Mercedes-Benz Ambulance with lights ablaze.

2009 Western Star 4864FX slows for the red light...

...and then gets the green after passing under the bridge.

2006 Foden still working hard.

Empty R620 logger heading north, has only been on the road for 7 months.

One year old DAF CF85 appears to be in Halls colours', but doesn't seem to have any signage.

Goodman Fielder Volvo FH540 heading south towards Wellington.

A bit blurry this one.
Hino with a large chassis-mounted crane behind the cab.

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