Sunday, May 7, 2017

Trucks (British Car Museum ride)

Here are some of the trucks I spotted during my ride to the British Car Museum.
Before I left, I filled up the bike at Faulknor's Service Station in Masterton.
This Kenworth T408 was unloading petrol, faster than I was pumping it into my bike's tank.

On the way north I stopped at the Matamau Country Cafe for a cuppa and a quick bite to eat. While sitting at the outdoor table I snapped these photos.
I noticed the huge fuel tanks on this Kenworth, but the driver seemed unsure of their capacity.
Standard tanks, I believe, are 350 litres. I'm guessing these must be 450 or 500.
2013 Kenworth K200.

It's not the best location to snap trucks, so I apologise for the wires and poles in the background.
2009 Scania R580 heads north.....

....followed by this load of logs, pulled by a 2008 Western Star 4964FX.

Southward heading 2008 Isuzu EXY500 stops for the driver to refuel.

On the way home I stopped at Matamau again for another tummy top-up and snapped some more as the shadows got longer.
An RMD 2016 Caterpillar CT 15 630C pulls in for a break.

Buckeridge from Dannevirke Kenworth T909 of 2015 vintage heads north from their base at Dannevirke,
no doubt to drive into the night.

Another 9 axle rig pulls out after a break.

Fuso rig from Green Sky Waste Solutions pulls in  for a driver top-up.

One coming, one going.

A Hall's 2011 Western Star 4884FX hauls two containers south.

As the sun lowered in the sky, I had to stop to add an extra layer of clothing and snapped this 2015 Volvo FM500 unloading fuel at Pahiatua.

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