Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Maewa Austin Mews

On Sunday I travelled in Max's Jag from his home in Palmerston North to Maewa Austin Mews near Feilding, along with a few other members of the Manawatu Vintage Car Club. This is a private collection of Austins mostly in the condition as acquired.

Max's Mk 2 and a 1929 Chev that travelled with us
'39 Chev also accompanied us.    

Early 6 cylinder models.   

A70 Hampshire was Austin's flagship from 1948 to 1950.   

.   Tasman 6 cylinder was an interesting exercise, but very few still exist.  

One of the most interesting cars was this South African Austin Apache.
Based on the 1100/1300 range with an extended boot and bonnet

Some of the outdoor section of the collection, which will have to be sold or scrapped as the local Council has asked that they be removed  

Land crab division

A60 and A55 commercials were popular with tradesmen and local authorities

A35 in 2 door and 4 door forms.   

General view of a portion of the 60+ vehicles.   

Luxurious interior of the Austin 3 litre   


Austin Cambridge and Australian model Freeway   

A50s and A55s were once common on our roads.    

Masses of parts (not all Austin) available for purchase.    

.    Australian Austin Lancer was based on the Wolseley 1500.     

Austin Ant is extremely rare.    

.   Rare Austin tractor.     

Bedford bus is living quarters for the owners of the Austin collection.    

. One of the few restored vehicles.  Austin truck from the early 20th century.     

Following the '29 Chev on the way.   
On the way home we took the Jag to a park for a photographic session

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