Monday, August 29, 2016

Camera Fixed.

I've now got my compact camera repaired, so here are some recent snaps.
Western Star is carting away rubble from a building demolition in Masterton's main street.
Longtime Mercedes Benz user Linfox, delivering to Countdown Masterton.
This one a 3248.
Local car dealership owner 's pride and joy.
1957 Chevrolet Two-Ten Sport Coupe.
Another load of logs going through town, courtesy of McCarthy's Mercedes Benz 3248.
PTS Freightliner stopped ouitside my work, last week, to drop off this tractor.
This one actually taken with my good SLR camera. A '65 Chevy I saw in Palmerston North on Friday.
After walking around in the rain in Palmerston North for an hour on Friday, I decided to ring Max and see what he was up to. He offered to get the Jag out and come and take me back to his place for a cuppa....much appreciated, Max.

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woody1946 said...

Nice photo, thanks Trev