Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wellington, Quick Trip.

Did a quick trip to Wellington and back today, to take Alice back to her flat, after her weekend at "home".
Saw this big Scania 730 on the wharf all loaded up to go somewhere.
On the way home I looked in the window of Motomart in Lower Hutt to dream over what I might buy if I won Lotto.
As a a current BMW owner I guess an R1200RT is the obvious choice, but it's a big bike with 125hp (compared with my present 50) and with prices in the mid 30s it isn't what one would call cheap.
Honda's ST1300 is also a big bike, but it's more than $10,000 less.
I somehow think with the riding I do these days the F800GT would probably do the trick. Much lighter , but with 90hp I'm sure it would have enough power for my uses. I do prefer shaft drive (which the other two do have) but at least its rubber belt doesn't need lubrication. I think the price is just over $20,00.
But I would miss the beat of my boxer twin.
Maybe if I won Lotto I would just keep the old one and pay for repairs as needed.

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