Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Summer Travels.

Various pictures from some of my motorcycle travels, over the summer.
To some, this is a temple, but to me I'm afraid Tui isn't my favourite brew.
The Patangata Tavern on the road to Kairakau Beach in the Hawkes Bay.
I didn't venture inside, as I had already had lunch and I don't drink when I'm motorcycling.
The first time I had been to Kairakau, but didn't stay long as it was getting late in the day.
As one enters Kairakau the Mangakuri River flows alongside the road.
Looking the other way we can see where the river enters the sea.
South of Kairakau is another place I hadn't been to previously.
Pourerere is a peaceful beach.
Another view at Pourerere.
North of Porangahau I journeyed along Hunter Road, and not wanting to ride the gravel road to Blackhead (something I will do when I have more Time) I took the sealed part of Blackhead Road which climbs into the hills with a great view back over the coast.
I dined at the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel at Porangahau.
A very tasty bacon and egg burger with fries.
Here's the bike at the world's longest place name :
On Route 52 a, few kilometres north of the Winbledon Tavern.
I have passed the Wimbledon Tavern on several occasions in the past, but decided this was the time to stop and have lunch there, only to find the cook was ill and the kitchen was closed.
On the road just north of Pongaroa.
Nice to find a public toilet in the middle of farming country at the Tiraumea Hall.
Well done Tiraumea for providing this facility.

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