Monday, August 6, 2012

A Dozen More Truck Pix.

The Senton's 8-wheeler Mack Cruise-Liner was employed hauling timber.

Well sheeted load on this Inglis'  Foden flat deck doubles in A-train configuration.
This photo taken in Taupo's main street is a sight no longer seen since the heavy traffic by-pass was constructed.

Also in Taupo is a Kevey's Scammell, with an extra high load on the trailer.

W model Kenworth logger with additional axle.

One of the many single drive Mack R series operated by RFL pulling refrigerated A-trains.
Another one parked in the background, in Masterton's Queen Street overnight.

Another R series, this time a tandem drive, pulling a gas tank past the war memorial stadium and pool at the north end of Masterton.

Heavy duty R series with V8 power of Freightways used for towing heavy and/or over dimension loads.

Volvo F10 6-wheeler fuel tanker with 4-wheeler trailer.

Australian International ACCO Eagle. This was the top spec model with many extras both inside and out.
A similar model was also marketed wearing an Atkinson badge.

Very plain Scania R143M with stepped 3 axle curtain-side.

Fuso of Liftways running as a ballasted tractor.

White Line Freighter's Mitsubishi, with Aulsebrookes' colours on the door, takes a break in central Masterton with its B-train vans.

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