Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Kiwi Classics

Orewa shopping centre. north of Auckland, is where this Nissan CWA300 is being unloaded.

Day cabs on US trucks can be fairly shallow, as seen on Robert Robinson's Mack Ultra-Liner.

This International Transtar cab is even "skinnier".

Trucks travelling between the North and South islands by roll-on roll-off ferries are charged by length, so companies which travel regularly can save considerable money by using these "tugs" for the crossing and then transferring the trailers back to normal road-going tractors at each terminal.

Hidden under that unusual nose is a regular Freightliner Argosy. This one is used for towing a mobile surgical theatre for performing small operations in rural towns which lack the appropriate facilities.
Note the personalised rego plate.

South Wairarapa Tow and Salvage in Carterton, use this Nissan with crane for recovering damaged or immobile vehicles. The Nissan, imported as a used truck from Japan, has larger diameter wheels on the front axle than on the remaining three.

Long-run roofing iron for a new Supermarket is the load for this trombone trailer and light-weight Isuzu.

"Midnight Express" was a 1984 ERF C57 withh 370HP Cummins operated by Tony de Latour for Child Freighters Ltd. Here it is inside a warehouse at Petone. This truck later became a tipper, hauling grain for K.Hayward. See my post of August 25th 2011.

A Bedford TM of Philpott Carriers, with neatly sheeted load, is outside the Masterton County Council offices.

When Japanese trucks first started arriving in NZ in significant numbers, GM dealers sold Isuzus with Bedford badging.This is a 1977 YPR of McGowan and Magee, using a side-lifter to load an open container with a mobile crane inside.

An F series Mack, with paint which almost makes it look like an R series, turns from Akura Road on to Paierau Road, with Kibblewhite Road to his left, west of Masterton. Nowadays there would be no need to "give way" as this intersection has been modified to a sweeping curve, with the traffic on Kibblewhite facing the give way sign. 

This rather battered looking 1981 Dodge Commando has as an extra axle added and a sleeper cab. I would not have thought one would need a sleeper, when carrying a load of mattresses !

A 4x4 Mack airport crash tender on duty at an air show at Masterton's Hood Aerodrome.

Heading north on Paierau Road, is this R series Mack tipper. Paierau Road is part of Masterton's heavy traffic by-pass.

Another R series Mack, this time from Freightways, hauls a load of rolls of paper through central Hamilton.


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