Thursday, October 5, 2017

Up and DownI

I have seen Chevy lurking in a neighbours garage a few 100 metres down the road.
Coming home from work the other night it was out on the street, so I had to get a photo.

Wairarapa and Ruahine Areo Club's Tecnam P2002 doing touch-and-goes at Hood Aerodrome.
The Aerodrome was promoted to Masterton Airport a few years ago when we got a regular air service, but these have ceased again.

RNZAF Beechcraft Texan T6-C doing "not quite" touch-and-goes at the same location.
For some reason they don't quite touch the ground, reapplying the power about a meter off the deck.

Had a walk around town on Monday morning while awaiting a wheel alignment on my car.
Snapped this KW laden with logs coming in from the east.

Fulton Hogan Fuso heading north. Note the oversize front tyres. These have a higher load rating than the standard tyres and allow a heavier load on the front axle.

Carter's Isuzu heading north with a load of building trusses .
Last time I was in Wellington I snapped this heavy duty Isuzu used by the Go Wellington bus fleet towing and pushing buses that have suffered mechanical failure.

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